Portrait Photography – Project Alison

This project was a long time coming as we needed all planets to align (also known as the schedules of the person being photographed, the make up artist and the photographer). The planets… Continue reading

Portrait Photography – Project Alison (Black and White)

This is part 2 of Project Alison.  Project Alison was originally intended to be an Edgey photo shoot consisting of only black and white photos.  I had a plan to get a very… Continue reading

Portrait Photography (Pets and People) – Tingle Magic

I had the honour of photographing one of the most charismatic felines I know and his beautiful mistress.  Tingles is a Scottish Fold male.  He’s four years old and one of his cutest… Continue reading

People Portraits – Almost Pop

Jen is a free spirited, exuberant girl with a love for Pop Culture and Pop Art.  Underneath her carefree demeanor lies a soul that is both resilient, thoughtful yet mysterious. This photo was… Continue reading

Pet Photography – The One Eyed Butterfly

This is my little Papillon Sammie.  When he was 2, he was attacked by a Standard Poodle who ripped out his left eye.  Since then, both Sammie and his family have gotten used… Continue reading

Sports Photography – Swim Event

Pet Photography – Tassie and Bearie

Product Photography – KAWS Resting Companion