Revlon: Cream Eyeshadow Epic Fail (A Revlon product from

I have to say that after being so impressive with most of their other products, especially their ultimate long lasting liquid lipsticks, Revlon’s Illuminance Creme Shadows are an epic fail.revlon midnmight express

These are not sold in Singapore.  I got these off Singsale for SGD $14 for Midnight Express palette above and SGD $9 for Electric Pop.revlon mid night express

When I opened the palettes and touched the cream eyeshadows, I kind of suspected that they would be very creasy because of how creamy they were!revlon electric pop

I tried the following methods in order to save the money that I spend on them:

1) Used them on their own and set them with translucent powder

2) Applied them very thinly and then powdered eyeshadow on top (used them as a cream base)

Both times I dunked UDPP on my eyelids before applying the cream eyeshadows.  And both times, they creased in less than an hour.revlon electricpop

The only way to use these it seems, is to only pick the really light colours and then apply a very thin layer of this over a primer and not line your eyes at all (Asian creaseless eyes will see the eyeliner migrating into the creamy eyeshadow).

Dark colours will still crease no matter how light you apply them.  The thing that I don’t get about these is why they don’t seem to set into a drier texture.  Most cream eyeshadows will turn from cream to powder so that they won’t crease as much.  But somehow these remain in their creamy form and don’t set no matter what I try.

In my opinion, these… are an EPIC FAIL of cream eyeshadows.