Empties and Reviews: Hair Stuff For Sensitive Scalps

Unlike the vast majority of people who can freely dye their hair 10 colours, right to the roots and get away with it, I have a super sensitive scalp.

The last time I tried to be experimental with my hair, I had smooth patches of no hair appearing on my scalp.  Shampoos and conditioners have been a pet problem with me for years.

If I change around too much, my hair falls out.  If I go too mild, my hair dries out.  If I go for salon products, my scalp flakes.  BIG problem.

I’ve been using Silkpro for a couple of years and then last December I ditched the conditioner for Argan Oil and never turned back.


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Then I ditched the shampoo for a natural shampoo which I recently emptied: MSTAR Obil.  I got this from Swanston (a popular store that sells toiletries at People’s Park Food Centre Level 2, near Chinatown MRT.  It set me back about $60 for a big bottle (about 500ml).

There isn’t any real certification that this product is really as natural as it claims but so far it hasn’t given me any problems, i.e. dryness, itchiness, flaking, excessive hairfall.  There is very little information about MSTAR Obil as far as I could glean.  I asked some people about it and they never heard of it.  Hmm…but here are my observations on it:

1) Texture:  The shampoo is clear and thick and not watery

2) Smell: Very strong herbal smell

3) Foam:  Does foam quite well

4) Does have a tingly sensation on the scalp

5) After use: Hair feels really tangly and unmoisturized after use like it could really use some conditioner.  The sales promoter at Swanston told me that I wouldn’t need to use a conditioner with it when I asked if the brand had an accompanying conditioner.  However, if you leave your hair to dry before combing, it is manageable (this is without Argan oil).  I tried using my Silkpro conditioner with this but ended up with pimples on the scalp, so I used it on its own.  On a daily basis, I preferred to apply Argan Oil after washing the shampoo off and before it dries.

6) Buy again?: Hmmm… it’s not that economical price wise.  But if you really didn’t need a conditioner with this maybe it’s pretty worth it.  Anyhow, I decided it was worth exploring other natural hair products.

mukti botanical shampoo and conditioner

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After emptying this I decided to try Mukti Botanicals.

Mukti Botanicals has some pretty rave reviews.  There are some reviews that have studied the ingredients and claim Mukti to be the real deal, unlike some brands which claim to be organic… but are really not.  I bought my set from budcosmetics at Novena Square 2.  Budcosmetics can also be found in Mandarin Gallery.  But Mukti shampoo and conditioner is in short supply (they don’t seem to bring many in.  Too expensive?).  They didn’t have the full set at Mandarin Gallery and when I went down to Novena Square, I bought their last pair.  budcosmetics has an online shop but I can’t tell you much about their online shopping experience cos I never tried it.  Click here for link.budcosmetics


1) Texture: Slightly opaque clear liquid.  More runny than Mstar

2) Smell: Herbal smell but not as overpowering as MSTAR

3) Foam: Surprisingly foams really well

4) Slight tingly sensation on scalp

5) Price point: $56 SGD for 500ml.  To me, that’s pricey.  Only cos I would need the conditioner to go along with it, which costs $59 SGD


1) Texture: Orangey opaque liquid

2) Smell: Citrus

3) Foam: Nope.  As most conditioners go.

4) No sensation on the scalp.  Hair does feel very moisturized and really tangle free.

5) Price point: $59 SGD for 500ml.  In combination with shampoo, this set sets you back $115 SGD and imagine spending that on a regular basis.

Still, using this and then Argan Oil after gives the most amazing hair texture.  I can wear my hair down and not worry about flyaways.  That almost makes the price worth it.

Tried any natural shampoos?  Or do you think the label organic is one big trick?  Which are your favs?