Singsale: The Sale That’s Like A Box of Chocolates

Have you ever bought from Singsale?

Lots of people have.  Lots love it.  Lots seem to hate it as well.  I kind of have a love-hate thing going on with Singsale.

Revlon ultimate liquid lipstick

Revlon Ultimate Liquid Lipsticks for only SGD $8 apiece

I love them because they do have very good sales on items that would cost me 2 to 3 times more over here or that are simply unavailable, i.e. Revlon Ultimate Liquid Lipstick.

I hate them because purchases take more than a month to travel from Australia to Singapore.  Sometimes I even think they must send their packages by ground or sea!

Some people have experienced broken items or even getting the wrong items.  Customers have hounded Singsale all over the place, on their webpage and also on their Facebook page.  Personally, I’ve had to drop them a message on their Facebook page as well because I wasn’t getting any information on where my purchases were.

Essentially, they are pretty unpredictable.  You never know what you’re going to get.  So don’t be expecting fast delivery times and perfection from these folks otherwise you’d end up as one of those angry ranters on their page.

Loreal Infallible Colour for only SGD $5 apiece

Loreal Infallible Colour for only SGD $5 apiece

Pre-purchase experience:

  • Inflexible: The Singsale site runs several sales for a limited time period.  Whenever you decide to purchase something from a particular sale, if you want to purchase another item from another sale, you’ll be prompted that you can only purchase from one sale and you’ll need to empty your cart.
  • Multiple Charges for Shipping Fees: Before they started having the buy-within-the-hour deal, you have to incur shipping charges for every item you buy separately from every sale. E.g. if you bought a pair of sunglasses from the sunglass sale, you pay $10 delivery charges.  When you move on to the next sale, you pay another $10 again if you buy another item.  The multiple charges make no sense.
  • Buy-Within-The-Hour-Deal: I don’t get why it has to be so difficult that multiple transactions must be made within the hour so that you get multiple delivery charges waived when customers should be able to combine items in one cart like other sane online shops.
  • Problematic User Interface: If you’re trying to make a purchase on a mobile device, you can’t use their mobile interface.  You have to go to their full website page before you can make a purchase.  It makes me wonder what the mobile interface is for.
  • Some Pretty Good Deals: I was searching everywhere for the Revlon Ultimate Liquid Lipsticks and couldn’t find them anywhere.  I found them finally on Singsale for only SGD $8.  That’s like 4 pounds.  I also got the Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow pots for only SGD $5 apiece.
Singsale interface

Singsale interface

Post Purchase Experience:

  • Delivery times: They first published on their Revlon sale that delivery would take 7 to 21 days after the sale ends.  After that when you’ve made your purchase they inform you it could take up to 28 days! HUH?!
  • Seems like forever: I ordered on Jan 29, received a confirmation on Jan 29, had no information whatsoever about delivery or dispatch until I asked more than 1 month later, received a notification on a delay, gave up on them and finally received my package sometime last week.
  • Packaging: Packaging was adequate and the package which contained my Loreal Infallibles were wrapped multiple times in bubble wrap and then stuffed into an envelope a tad too big for them.  My liquid lipsticks were also wrapped adequately.  So far, I’ve not experienced any breakage.  I hope though that I’ve not spoken too soon!
singsale facebook complaints

singsale facebook complaints

In spite of my experience I still went ahead and made two more purchases with them for some VAU and Almay items.  I don’t think I’ll make any hefty or fragile purchases on their site as long as they remain as unpredictable as they are currently.

Have you had an experience with Singsale worth sharing?