How to: The Simplest DIY Red Feather Lashes

These are the easiest DIY red feather lashes!  And this cost me less than $2 to make!feaher lashes2small

In fact, they are so easy, you can already tell how to do this by this photo below (sorry about the grimy glue hardened lash bands.  I took this photo after the shoot after I’d taken them off and not before!)  feaher lashes4

Just cut off the ends of the feathers where the hair is soft and undefined and then pull off a section of feather on each side as below.  You can already stick them on the falsies as they are.  But I wanted the feathers to be untidy and more curled.  So I took a pair of scissors and pulled the feather lengthwise across the blade like how you would curl craft paper.  If you want them neat, put the feather in between two pieces of cloth and use a curling iron to iron the feather into a curl.feaher lashes5

If you have access to Daiso Japan, they have the cheapest (SGD$2!) angel feathers or craft feathers of different colours for you to play with.  Here I have red, neon green and neon yellow but I’ve seen them carry the electric blue ones as well.feaher lashes6

I put some bling on the top of the lashes to cover the awkward areas where the feather stem connect to the lash bands.  Daiso Japan also sells lots of bling for only $2!   feaher lashes7

I have yet to try making the lash entirely out of feather because I haven’t yet found a way to make a coloured mascara that truly stands out with colour than a dull coloured coat which doesn’t turn up on camera.  A pure red feather lash will look awkward on my black lashes with nothing to disguise them.feaher lashes3small

Made any no brainer red feather lashes yourself?  How did those turn out? 🙂