Camera Ready Cosmetics – Makeup Artist Supplies US Site Review

I’ve been waiting for some items to turn up from Camera Ready Cosmetics.  Due to the Lunar New Year festivities as well as mode of postal service, the package arrived about a month after it was sent out.

Camera Ready Cosmetics packaging

Camera Ready Cosmetics packaging – a nice sturdy hardbox with plenty of packing material

You can’t get Ben Nye, La Femme or Cinema Secrets anywhere here in Singapore as far as I know.  I’ve tried searching for information on this as well as much legwork but can’t find them anywhere.  Camera Ready Cosmetics have a huge range of brands and after reviewing some other makeup artist supply online stores, so far, CRC has got good reviews on customer service, delivery times and quality products.  To see their full range and to visit their website, you can click here. I’ve attached a screen shot below:CRC websitePre-order Experience:

  • Wide range of products: Some of the brands that might get you excited are Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, reknown for their long lasting lip tars, Ben Nye, Graftobian and Kryolan which are famous for stage and theatre cosmetics and they also have brands for airbrush and HD makeup.  Perfect for hobbyists looking for good quality materials for photoshoots.
  • Great prices: I’ve compared the prices on their websites with others and so far their prices are very competitive.  Occasionally MakeupMania offers lower prices on some brands such as Face Atelier when they have a sale.  CRC also has participated in Black Friday sales.  So if you want to haul, maybe you can wait till end of the year?
  • Responsive Customer Experience: I abandoned a cart because I didn’t want to wait out the end of year delivery delays and they would get in touch with you to find out why.
la femme eyeshadow refills

la femme eyeshadow refills

I ordered 4 La Femme eyeshadow refills, 1 bottle of Cinema Secrets Eyeliner Sealer, Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour Palette and a hot pink Z-Palette.  The La Femme eyeshadow refills came in different packaging with the Opal Turquoise having the sturdiest packaging.  Not sure about the reason for this.  Am guessing that the colours were made in different batches with the Opal Turquoise being a newer colour.

Cinema Secrets Sealer

Cinema Secrets Sealer

I won’t do a review of the items right now because the post would be too lengthy.

Ben Nye lumiere grand colour palette

Ben Nye lumiere grand colour palette

Post Purchase Experience:

  • Efficient: I placed my order on January 18th, received order confirmation on the same day and received shipping confirmation on January 20th.
  • Tracking: There is tracking up till it leaves the US, after which there is no tracking.  I chose the cheapest form of postal service which is International First Class for the value I was ordering.
  • Great Post-sale service: After I didn’t see the package for weeks, I emailed them on February 11th and they responded immediately the next day.  They helped to attach the tracking link which I had difficulty finding.
  • Delivery:  Delivery took pretty long.  The item arrived on 22nd February but then again postal services might have been delayed due to the Lunar New Year festivities.
  • Damaged items:  In spite of the multiple packaging and packing materials, the Ben Nye Cosmic Blue Lumiere Grand colour was shattered as you can see above so I’m guessing there was not much TLC in transit.
  • Customer review:  CRC will email you to ask you to review the products you’ve purchased about a week after shipping confirmation.
z palette

z palette

The La Femme eyeshadow refills fit perfectly in the smallest sized Z-Palette.  I love the hot pink colour.

Have you bought from any makeup supply store online?  Found any that’s just as good as CRC or even better? 🙂