Eleanor in Grunge: An Experiment in Textures

I have to admit that this is my favourite photo shoot so far.  Although I do have a set of glamour shots ready from this shoot, it was more fun doing the gritty photos.


Behind the fence

The shot below is my favourite although it’s technically not the best.  But I love the texture and Eleanor’s expression.  Although Eleanor’s skin complexion is really smooth, I amped up the texture and it gave her skin a very muggy look.

It was very hard to choose favourites cos I love every single one of them, but the shot below was interpreted differently by my darling and I loved how it was done soft and grainy instead of defined and sharp.

Eleanor  - Overrun with vines

Eleanor – Overrun with vines

I liked the photo below because of Eleanor’s demeanor.  In contrast to the mugginess in the first photo, her expression here is full of confidence and poise.

Eleanor in Grunge - Inside the hut

Eleanor in Grunge – Inside the hut

This was the photo that was the most fun to process.  I picked this photo because Eleanor’s stance against the background stood out awkwardly and was reminiscent of how soldiers might have stood in old photos.  A polished pose would not have been appropriate for this feel.  It was a little skooky doing this photo in such like and feel but I wouldn’t be doing the shoot justice by not producing an old photo like this, not when we have the right costume and ambience!

Eleanor - Scratchy old photo

Eleanor – Scratchy old photo

This was done in fun but I feel like it didn’t have the same impact as the photo above.jpgEleanoralt1

It was really difficult taking the shot below in the dark hut but we managed to pull it off using a bit of estimation and manual modes.jpgEleanoralt2

I really have to thank my model for putting up with old cob-webby huts, dirty floors and broken vines swinging in her face while we were doing this shoot.  I felt she was fantastic for this shoot and had a lot of fun doing her makeup.

I hope you enjoy the photos!