How To Do: Dark Glossy Eye

Eleanor in Dark Glossy Eye

Eleanor in Dark Glossy Eye

Finally, after a huge wait, we’ve finally come around to doing the dark glossy eye using the following materials:

1) Colour: Concrete Minerals – Pro Matte Loose Pigment in “Trash”

2) Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion

3) Eyeliner: Black from K-Palette 24hr Waterproof formula (only $19 from Watsons)

4) Falsies: Daiso Geisha eyelashes (only $2 from Daiso outlets)

5) Fixing media: Glycerin from Guardian Pharmacy (only $7 from Guardian Pharmacy)

6) Brushes used: Sigma E56 (Shader – Lid), Sigma E21 (Smudge), MAC224SE (my 10 year old MAC brush), generic brand Synthetic Brushess X 2, generic brand fan brush

7) Gloss: Bobbi Brown – Crystal (transparent non-perfumed lip gloss) ($36)

8) Primer – eyes: Clear Last For Dark Circles

9) Moisturiser for eyes (to make concealor stick): DHC Q10

10) Concealor: Cle De Peau in Ochre

11) Eyebrow: I nuovi eyebrow liner

12) Mascara: Fiberwig Extra Long

13) Highlights: Jill Stuart Jazzy Jasper

Dark Glossy Eye - with eyes open

Dark Glossy Eye – with eyes open

Rest of the face:

1) Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Light (oil free)

2) Liquid Foundation: Benefit Hellow Flawless in Petal

3) Finishing: BareMinerals Translucent Touchup Veil with generic synthetic powder brush

4) Bronzer: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess with Sigma F25

5) Blusher: Estee Lauder Signature 12 Rosette with Sigma F10

Tip for face: Mix Smashbox primer with Liquid foundation instead of applying in two steps for sheerer look… or to save time. Haha.

Dark Glossy Eye - Side View

Dark Glossy Eye – Side View


1) Loreal Elnett Satin: It’s smelly but it works.

2) Loreal Flick n Sweep

3) 5 bobby pins 🙂

4) Babyliss: Diffuser for beach waves

Step 1: Applying UDPP to the entire lid as well as the corners.  Apply DHC q10 to the undereye followed by Clearlast undereye primer.  At this point you can also groom the brows by combing with a spoolie, applying eyebrow wax and drawing in missing parts of the brows.

step 2 - glycerin and concrete minerals

step 2 – glycerin and concrete minerals

Step 2: Dip only the tip of the small synthetic brush in small drop of glycerin and swivel around small deposit of Concrete Minerals “Trash” pro matte eyeshadow in cap cover.  Do not get too much glycerin in the brush.  You don’t need much eyeshadow for this step.  Apply the mix onto the lid without reaching the crease.  You might wonder what’s the point of doing this in Glycerin since you can just put the powder over the UDPP.  This is because the single layer of powder will crease immediately without this layer of glycerin mix underneath once the gloss+glycerin mix hits the eyelid.  Concrete Minerals eyeshadow plus glycerin is a potent mix.  After the falsies fell off, the eyeliner disappeared and the top layer of powder fell off, this was the only layer that kept in place after the gloss mix melted everything away.

step 3 - eyeliner

step 3 – eyeliner… give it a little wing but not too much

Step 3: Using the K-palette eyeliner, line the eyes.  Don’t need to tightline or make a perfect line.  We are going to make most of the line disappear under another layer of eyeshadow.

step 4 - powder over layer of dry "Trash" eye shadow

step 4 – powder over layer of dry “Trash” eye shadow

Step 4: Take the Sigma E56 and swivel it in dry pro matte eyeshadow powder (the same colour we were using wet in Step 2).  Pat the powder onto the lid (don’t swipe) all the way onto the crease.  Using the Sigma E21 Smudge brush smudge the eyeshadow into the line we made in Step 3.  Use the fan brush and sweep off any fallout.  Using the MAC brush, blend.

step 5 - falsies then mascara

step 5 – falsies then mascara

Step 5: Apply falsies then use Mascara.

Step 6: Get ready all lighting equipment, cameras and then mix Glycerin (very little… a drop at most) with clear lip gloss.  Mix and apply using clean synthetic brush in small pats.  The eye makeup will last all of half an hour to 45 min in the hot sun (where we were shooting before it creased, smudged and disappeared)

More photos coming up… 🙂