Concrete Minerals – US Beauty Site Review (with Product Photography)

Doing this review was a long time coming.  Firstly I had wanted to wait till I used one of the matte colours for a photoshoot before doing this post.  But then I decided swatches would do for now.

Concrete Minerals doesn’t turn up easily on search engines when you are looking for loose matte pigments.  If you type in “mineral eyeshadow”, a lot of other brands turn up.  When you type in “loose eyeshadow pigments”, again most other brands turn up but not Concrete Minerals.  I think that’s a real pity.  Because they do have sweet deals and after trying out their pigments on myself, I’d say they are of very good quality.

I was looking for eyeshadows that were free from a lot of harmful chemicals and that were not made in China.  Much as I love everything Chinese and being Chinese myself, having sensitive skin means I need to get something from somewhere with very stringent product QC.  And I’ve been scared away by all the scares that have turned up in the newspapers since the Melamine incident.

I came across Concrete Minerals via the Temptalia hitlist.  One of their users said that they loved Concrete Minerals.  And I thought, I love best kept secrrets so I went to check them out.

Concrete Minerals - pro matte colour pigments

Concrete Minerals – pro matte colour pigments

Pre-purchase Experience

  • Website Interface: Concrete Minerals has one of the cleanest website interfaces that I have seen.  I think it’s also because they don’t sell a whole bunch of other stuff like other sellers do but concentrate mostly on their mineral eyeshadows and matte eyeshadow pigments.    Their website is here: I previously posted a shot of their interface but I’m attaching it here again:
concrete minerals pigments/pro matte

concrete minerals pigments/pro matte

  • Shipping Costs/Deals: The main thing that attracted me was the shipping cost.  Again, as trivial as this seems, this means a lot to me when I can’t find anything decent in brick and mortar stores and everything decent online wants a SGD$40 postage fee.  Since I could easily chalk up $50 because it doesn’t make sense to ship a single eyeshadow colour halfway across the world, I went with this.
  • Bad-stuff-free: Concrete minerals put in a claim that their products are cruelty free and free from talc and bismuth.  They did put in information about their pro matte eyeshadows contained dye.  I appreciated their honesty.  Regarding the staining please read post purchase experience below.

    concrete minerals ingredients

    concrete minerals ingredients

Post Purchase Experience

  • Processing Efficiency: I bought their 8 loose pigments deal but when I saw that the colours I had chosen didn’t turn up in my order invoice, I emailed them again to check.  I ordered on Dec 1st, emailed them on the colours on Dec 2nd, they replied on Dec 5th and the package was shipped on Dec 6th with shipping confirmation notice and tracking number with USPS.  I waited with glee and got the pigements on Dec 19th.  That was pretty fast considering it came all the way from the US.

    concrete minerals contents of package

    Concrete Minerals contents of package – they got my name wrong but I love the personal touch anyway

  • Packaging: The packaging was secure and protection was adequate.  The 8 colours came in small tubs with a sticker over the covers of each tub.  The tubs were 4 to 1 zip lock bag and everything was wrapped in one layer of pink paper and another layer of bubble wrap.
    concrete minerals packaging

    concrete minerals packaging

    concrete minerals - inside the tubs

    concrete minerals – inside the tubs

  • Colour: The pigments are true to colour as published on their website.
    concrete minerals - favourite Trash

    concrete minerals – favourite Trash

    concrete minerals - Bruise

    concrete minerals – Bruise

  • Texture: Their pigments are very finely ground and smooth on the skin and eyelid.
  • Instructions: They helpfully included instructions on how to apply the pigments.  But I didn’t use it the way they had instructed.  Information on how I used them is below.

    concrete minerals - instructions

    concrete minerals – instructions

  • Freebies: They included two sample pigments one of which I love already (Bat Breaker) and a voucher for 15% off my next purchase.
    concrete minerals - sample pigment Bat Breaker

    concrete minerals – sample pigment Bat Breaker

    concrete minerals - sample pigment Lovey Dovey

    concrete minerals – sample pigment Lovey Dovey

  • How to use: I tried using it without primer, water or glycerin and there was a lot of fall out and mess all over.  So I used the pigments using Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in nude (first row) or I mixed 1 drop of Glycerin with 3 drops of water (second row) and dipped the tip of a small synthetic bristle brush into the mixture and then into some loose pigments that I had tapped out of the tub.  The results are as below:

    concrete minerals - texture (first row is with Urban Decay Primer Potion, second row is with the Glycerin mix)

    concrete minerals – texture (first row is with Urban Decay Primer Potion, second row is with the Glycerin mix) – sorry about the grainy photo.  It was taken with my phone!

  • Staying Power: I was considering using the Cinema Secrets Eyeliner sealant for these loose pigments but using them as above already provided them with enough staying power on oily lids (my lids are oily) for over 5 hours, which is more than enough for a photoshoot.  When I tried to wash them off with water or baby wipes they did not come off.  I used a proper eye makeup remover to get them off.  There was a bit of staining for the darker colours but with a little more makeup remover they went away.

Hope this review helps. 🙂