Saadia Organics – Beauty Site and Product Review (with product photography)

With the not so recent hype about Argan Oil, there have been a flood of Argan Oil products on the market.  You can just about buy Argan Oil products from a whole bunch of brands such as Skinfood and Arganology.  And then you can try the 100% Argan oil products that are on the market.  Some brands claim that using Argan oil with a combination of other nutritious ingredients helps with specific uses such as haircare or skincare.  There are others that say that using the pure form is better than any combination.

Argan oil is made from Argan trees in Morocco.  Since the Argan oil revolution, these trees have become protected and the sale of Argan oil is said to be helping the incomes of the traditional Berber women who harvest the seeds.  There’s a lot of interesting literature on Argan Oil out there, on the internet and in books so I will not repeat the content here.

Since Argan Oil gained popularity, it’s been bogged down in a quagmire of fake oil, diluted oil, oil that has been processed through the digestive system of goats.

As nobody really knows whether everyone is telling the truth or a lie unless you are a chemist and have a lab available to test each product, all I can really do is share with you my experience with using the products I have tried.

***I am not sponsored by Saadia Organics although seriously if they would like to sponsor me, I would be more than happy to be sponsored if that meant a lifetime supply of Argan Oil. LOL.

Saadia Organics Argan Oil

Saadia Organics Argan Oil:  This is the 50ml bottle.  It comes with a glass dropper.  I took this shot so that you can see what the oil looks like in the dropper.

Pre-Purchase Experience With Saadia Organics

The website:

I’ve had a lifetime of sensitive skin.  Really.  When other babies were wearing elastic modern diapers I was wearing cloth diapers cos I had an allergy to the elastic band.  Shiseido had PR problems after I developed rashes to their sample 3 step kit in high school during an etiquette class.  I only started using cosmetics in my late 20s after I discovered Estee Lauder and Biotherm.  I have quarter sized clumps of hair fall off my scalp when I go to the salon to straighten my hair or use hair dye/hair products with sulphates.  Doctors have said that there should be no connection.  But that’s the equation for me.  Sulphates? Clumps of hair.  Gone.  I have played Russian roulette with mostly a fully loaded gun when it comes to skincare and cosmetics.  So why play Russian Roulette with Saadia Organics?  To be really honest, it was because of the following factors:

  •  Their shipping cost was only CAD$10 to ship the 50ml bottle to Singapore.  No really this was a major consideration for me.  There are too many international sites with killer shipping costs.
  • They gave too much information and too detailed information away and were willing to provide in-depth education about Argan oil in general.  Information which I don’t see other brands providing.  See here:
  • They didn’t hard sell and promise that it could be used for everything.  I told them I was looking for a heat protectant for flat ironing and asked them whether I could use it as a heat protectant.  They decided to be honest and recommended me against doing that.  They told me that it was better as a hair treatment.
  • I asked them a lot of detailed and mundane questions and they were willing to provide very detailed answers.  How do I preserve the oil in Singapore’s humidity?  How should I use it?  Can I use it on my hair roots or just on the ends of my hair?
  • I noticed they were a family run business.  I guess it’s just me, but I really don’t trust huge commercial entities who have reputations of saying “Made In XXX” and then it turns out that it was made somewhere else.  Perhaps you’ll feel differently about this.  LOL.
  • A 50ml bottle costs CAD45 which is not the cheapest nor the most expensive Argan Oil out there.

Post-purchase Experience With Saadia Organics

  • Customer service is very personal and responsive.  There are various methods of contact.  You can contact them via their website: or through Facebook here:
  • Their processing efficiency was as follows: Order made online on Dec 6th.  Shortly after, there was an order confirmation.  On the same day, Joel from Saadia Organics emailed to reconfirm the order and to inform me of when they would be shipping out my order.  I got shipping confirmation on Dec 7th.  After waiting eagerly and twiddling my thumbs for 14 days, I received the bottle on Dec 22nd.
  • Packaging: The bottle arrived in a brown package with bubble wrap lining.  Inside, there was another layer of bubble wrap over the plastic package together with a leaflet explaining the history of the company.  Inside the plastic package, the bottle was wrapped in blue paper with a glass dropper wrapped in the third layer of bubble wrap.  The packaging is adequately secure.
saadia argan oil package

saadia argan oil package

saadia organics packaging2

There is a small leaflet that explains the history of the company. The dropper is wrapped in bubble wrap

saadia organics packaging3

There is a small contact card inside

Experience With Saadia Organic Argan Oil

Since receiving it on Dec 22nd, I’ve been using the oil everyday.  This is the fourth day I’ve been using it.

  • First try:  I was worried about an allergy reaction so I put some on the skin on my arm and waited.  The oil absorbed very quickly.  I first tried it as a hair mask because I didn’t want to risk having rashes on my face.  I shook out about 3 drops of the oil and rubbed them between my hands before massaging it onto my hair and scalp.  The funny thing about this was that the oil absorbed so quickly into my hands while I was smearing them between my hands that I couldn’t get much on my hair.  So I shook out another few drops and this time quickly swiped once on the other hand and put them on my hair.  After that I hung around for about 20 minutes before washing the oil off.  The strangest thing about this oil was that there was no oily residue so I didn’t feel like I was washing it off.  I just felt like I was washing my hair except it was somewhat softer.
  • Second try: I shook out a few drops, swiped my hands quickly together and massaged the oil onto my face.  I even massaged the skin under my eyes and my eyelids.  I waited for a bad reaction but there was none. My face felt smoother.  I didn’t need to put my usual moisturiser on.  I also put the oil in my wet hair after shampooing it instead of using it as a hair mask.  I noticed it made my highlights disappear and my hair looked darker (the highlights reappeared when the hair was dry but looked muted).
  • Smell: There is a smell to the oil that I’ve never smelt in my life.  I don’t know how to describe it.  I suppose you could say it was nutty.  But I’ve never smelt a nut like that before.  It was not sharp, or pungent.  It was a full distinctive smell that made its presence felt when you shake the drops out from the bottle but it also quickly disappears after the oil disappears into the skin or hair.  I try to recapture the scent on my hands and hair after it’s dried but there is no smell.
  • Colour: The oil is yellow and slightly cloudy.
  • Texture on skin: The oil is greasy when it first makes contact with the skin but quickly disappears (very quickly, not like olive oil at all) leaving no oily residue whatsoever or stickiness.
  • Texture on hair: The oil absorbs into the hair and does not build into a greasy layer coating the hair.  I could let my hair down and not worry about flyaways.  After checking my scalp for the past few days, I did not find pimples either, something that regularly happens with hair products that deal with flyaways.
  • Use on eczema spots: I applied some onto my eczema spots behind my knees and on my neck.  Although it didn’t make the eczema go away immediately (Nothing I know can do that!), it took away the grainy flakiness of the raw skin.  On its own, it makes the eczema spots a little prickly feeling even though the flakiness disappeared.  I layered my usual layer of Aloe Vera over the spots on top of the Argan oil and the prickliness disappeared.

Feedback from my darling: “Your hair is finally free of static electricity pouffiness!”     -_-

Shesh.  Hope this review helps 🙂