Review on – HongKong Beauty Site

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a really short review on one of my favourite beauty sites based in Hong Kong (am rushing to the airport and don’t really have time to do a long post).  Forgive the terrible quality of the photos too!

The Adam Beauty website interface

The Adam Beauty website interface

I was looking around for Shiseido products especially their Anessa sunscreen after I came back from Taiwan.  I should have bought it then but I had to do my research first.  After looking fruitlessly online at various sites which mostly included whopping shipping fees (think SGD$40!) or a local site ( that still included a shipping fee which made it the same price as going to the department store to get it, I finally came across this site by chance (thanks Google! I wonder how Bing! would have did!)

After only a very short wait (I ordered on 29th November, they shipped out on Dec 2 and I got my package today on Dec 7! Now that’s what I call efficient!), I received the package and it was wrapped in a brown envelope together with bubble wrap inside and scotch tape.

adam beauty packaging

adam beauty packaging2They included a pen with the website URL on it.  Just in case I forgot where I bought this from?  Well… don’t really need a pen.  Was hoping they’d include some samples but still the service, delivery and pricing were already fantastic so I’ve got nothing to complain about.

adam beauty anessa shiseido

I’ve heard great stuff about Shiseido’s Anessa everywhere.  I hope it turns out to be great. But that will be for the actual product review.

Pros about the Adam Beauty Site:

– Easy to navigate on computer

– Quick and responsive customer service

– Great pricing! Woo!

– Low costs on shipping


– The site doesn’t load properly on my iPhone or iPad and you know I love looking for stuff to buy while on the move instead of being cooped up at home.

– They don’t have the latest stuff or the widest selection of products but hey as long as they have what I want, it doesn’t matter if they don’t sell everything!

Check the site out for yourself on and let me know how your experience was. 🙂