Portrait Photography – Project Alison

This project was a long time coming as we needed all planets to align (also known as the schedules of the person being photographed, the make up artist and the photographer).

The planets aligned on November 17th and we took to the Skate Park at Somerset to carry out one of the hottest projects to date.  Literally, because of the sun.  A number of photos got white-out, especially on Alison’s shoulders. 

It was originally intended to be an early shoot so that we could also get skaters whizzing away in the background.  However, due to a number of things that cropped up that day, including miscommunication and confusion about whether it was the Skate Park or the Youth Park or the National Youth Council building, we ended up shooting only close to noon.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the make up artist and Alison, the shoot was saved nonetheless.  Iswari (make-up artist) had great artistic direction and our model, Alison, was a natural.

Iswari spent a great deal of time doing a great job of bringing out Alison’s best feature (her lips) as well as smoothing her complexion and prepping her shoulders.

Although I originally intended to shoot Alison in black and white, it turned out that some photographs were better off in colour, such as the one above, where the platter of leftover graffiti paint on the ground seemed to almost be a run off of Alison’s long skirt.

Some interesting graphics also helped to play up Alison’s red lips.

Nor would this photo be this much fun if it were drained of colour.

During the recce where I shot a pink umbrella in place of Alison, some of the graffiti walls had not yet been … erm… blackwashed away.  However, the black-washed wall provided an excellent backdrop for the colour of Alison’s skin and makeup.

This would be one of my favourite shots.  The half-done buildings in the background and Alison’s expression provided the photo with an interesting edge whilst still retaining its femininity.

During the shoot, our daring model scaled the curved skate walls in her slippers and slipped a couple of times.  This photo plays up Alison’s playful side.

It was fun photographing Alison.  Both Iswari and I think she should try her hand at modelling.