Portrait Photography – Project Alison (Black and White)

This is part 2 of Project Alison.  Project Alison was originally intended to be an Edgey photo shoot consisting of only black and white photos.  I had a plan to get a very large skirt with differing tulle layers so that it could form a nice bridal like circle around Alison when a photo was shot from above her head.  However, I couldn’t find such a skirt.  They were mostly white for brides, not puffy enough and intended to be for Halloween or they were yellow or pink.

This was the only salvageable shot of Alison in her much loved cargo jacket because the rest just didn’t sit well with me.  The angle of the head was a little off, the lighting was wrong, the jacket tag showed on a couple of photos where she had a fantastic smile and I couldn’t remove it without it appearing to have been majorly photoshopped.

Shooting and editing in black and white made it easier however, to deal with uneven skin tones.  I don’t know whether you can call that cheating. 🙂

They have some really fantastic artwork happening at the skate park.  Shooting it in black and white doesn’t necessarily give it justice but at least it prevents it from stealing too much attention away from the main subject.  This is one very busy photo.

Alison sustained a cut on her hand before the shoot.  I felt it lent the photo a bit more character and decided not to “healing-brush” it away.

Unfortunately, she gained another bruise while attempting to scale the skate curve in her dress and slippers.

She was so game she just kept at it for the camera for the next 4 hours.  She’s so professional!

This would be my favourite photo of the Black and White series.  I have to admit I feel more partial to the colour series than these Black and Whites. 😀