Portrait Photography (Pets and People) – Tingle Magic

I had the honour of photographing one of the most charismatic felines I know and his beautiful mistress.  Tingles is a Scottish Fold male.  He’s four years old and one of his cutest features are his tiny ears.

Tingles, with orange fur and regal expression, pays little attention to make of the mill cat toys and scratching posts.  He prefers to bat flowers and play with his Lady’s hairbrush.

Tingles has the most beautiful yellow amber eyes which sparkle under the light.  In photographing Tingles, we used white and silver reflectors and the light coming in through the windows.  The white curtains diffused the sunlight and gave Tingles a dreamy look.

We had just as much fun photographing Denyse, his beautiful mistress.

Denyse has a beautiful honey complexion and naturally jet black hair.  Here we have photographed her standing beside the windows in her pretty Lantern dress.

Tingles is one of the most cooperative cats ever.  He didn’t claw, bite, kick up a fuss or even meow.  The only thing he did was lie back, purr, showed us how to chill on a Saturday morning and made us feel very sleepy.

The photos above of Denyse with Tingles and Tingles’ headshot below are two of my favourite photos.