Revlon: Cream Eyeshadow Epic Fail (A Revlon product from

I have to say that after being so impressive with most of their other products, especially their ultimate long lasting liquid lipsticks, Revlon’s Illuminance Creme Shadows are an epic fail. These are not… Continue reading

Empties and Reviews: Hair Stuff For Sensitive Scalps

Unlike the vast majority of people who can freely dye their hair 10 colours, right to the roots and get away with it, I have a super sensitive scalp. The last time I… Continue reading

Singsale: The Sale That’s Like A Box of Chocolates

Have you ever bought from Singsale? Lots of people have.  Lots love it.  Lots seem to hate it as well.  I kind of have a love-hate thing going on with Singsale. I love… Continue reading

How to: The Simplest DIY Red Feather Lashes

These are the easiest DIY red feather lashes!  And this cost me less than $2 to make! In fact, they are so easy, you can already tell how to do this by this… Continue reading

Camera Ready Cosmetics – Makeup Artist Supplies US Site Review

I’ve been waiting for some items to turn up from Camera Ready Cosmetics.  Due to the Lunar New Year festivities as well as mode of postal service, the package arrived about a month… Continue reading

Hakuhodo Brush Review (S100 series) – Japan website online purchase review

I eventually got around to asking a friend who works in Japan to help get me 3 brushes from Hakuhodo Japan website instead of shipping it in from the US website.  A lot… Continue reading


Remember my little dog Sam?  He’s going to be 3 in May. Like most dogs, Sammie was born with a pair of sparkly black eyes.  And he was a perfectly healthy, normal, active… Continue reading

Long Last Lipstick Smackdown: Stila Stay All Day versus Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge

After reading a lot of reviews online, I’ve shortlisted a few brands of long lasting lipsticks which are worth looking further into.  These are: 1) Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick 2)… Continue reading

Battle of the Lip Sabers – Organic Lipsticks versus my Fav Bobby Brown Matte Lipstick

I ordered two lipsticks and one lip liner from Naturisimo and have decided to do a review on their texture, smell, taste, ingredients and wearability versus my current favourite (Bobby Brown Matte Lipstick… Continue reading

Naturisimo – UK Organic Beauty Site Review

After milling over so many sites with organic cosmetics, I settled for Naturisimo and to my surprise (since it was shipping from the UK), I already got my package. I previously attached the… Continue reading